Friday, September 4, 2009

Trip to Canada's Wonderland

What a busy day it's been. Our expedition to Canada's Wonderland ultimately turned out to be a moderately positive experience. I guess Ava and Amia are still a bit too young to fully enjoy the place. They were too short to pass the requirements for most rides even in Hanna Barbara Land. As a result of that, the trip was rather more full of disappointments than expected. There didn't end up being anything their Uncle Mike could do about that. I couldn't really even carry on much of a conversation with them as they were too absorbed in what they were seeing around them. Particularly for Amia, it must have been daunting. There were still numerous enjoyments however. Just being there again brought back a ton of memories. Honestly, I felt more like I had returned to fimiliar surroundings today in Canada's Wonderland than I did returning to Erindale Campus where I got my degree. Mark and Wendy took me back there earlier this Summer. Ultimately, it was certainly still a worth-while trip. They certainly had a very interesting visual experience. As they get older, I believe I'll be able to add more to excursions such as that one.

After all the walking and fresh air, I'm feeling rather tired this evening. Having awakened at five AM again, it's been quite a long day. A very good day though. I got some work on Enchantment's Twilight done. Also, you'll be pleased to hear that Eldrex had quite a good day of adventure in Dragon Tavern today. Thorebar is also reincarnated once again and slowly progressing towards fame and fortune. I'll try to play him a bit more conservatively this time around and see if I can't keep him alive. Not one of the hundred odd emails I've received today has proved the least bit interesting. Also, Plenty of Fish was distinctly lacking in progress in the quest for a special lady. Nothing too surprising there, but none of the latest batch of forum topics were all that compelling either. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. A day with nothing at all in it. Doubtless, I'll feel differently after a good sleep, but at the moment, that's not such a bad prospect. I have this month's magazine service from the CNIB awaiting my attention. Reader's Digest and Mclean's are always worth a checking out. There's also the list of new books added to the collection. Dare I hope they've gone and added something of interest to yours truly? I believe I actually have enough optimism in stock for such as that. Presuming my legs have recovered sufficiently from today's walking, I may pop down to Symposium for an afternoon fruit drink. That would go down very nicely on a hot day like today was. We'll see what happens.

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