Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello everyone. Happy Halloween. Today is a quiet one so far in terms of family plans. Currently, I'm listening to the programming on Icebox Radio. It's an Internet radio station devoted to audio drama. All day, they're playing various horror-related episodes from various companies including their own work. Catch it at:
the quality and seriousness of these works naturally varies. It's taken a rather sharp nose-dive at the moment. Earlier, however, I heard an episode of Darker Projects's The Byron Chronicles which was quite well done. One of the few series that company produces which I have yet to listen to. There. The top hits station on Sky FM is somewhat better than the current Icebox offering. I'll tune back in later.

Halloween has lost most of its magic for me as it doubtless has for most people over 30. If I'm lucky, a good documentary on fear, horror, or some such will be on. Failing that, there's the slim possibility that a horror film which relies more on disturbing thoughts than gore might be shown. They're rare but do indeed exist. I lost track of what day it was yesterday once or twice. My two little neaces were over and dressed up in their costumes. Amia is still a bit young to fully get what Halloween's about. Ava is certainly looking forward to tonight's activities. They had a bath at our place since they'll be too busy to have one today. I don't remember a Halloween from my own childhood where things were that busy. However, it's fun hearing them in such high spirits. Earlier yesterday, we took my grandmother to the casino. I kept to my usual twenty-dollar limit and actually walked away with sixty this time. That doesn't happen often. It'll be enough to treet a friend or two for lunch or dinner presuming an opportunity emerges. It very well might. I was stopped on my way in and asked my age. Apparently, although I've often felt older than my 35 years, I look somewhat younger. I presume that'll stand me in good stead later in life.

Earlier in the week, I had dinner at Symposium with Colin. He's certainly an enjoyable fellow to talk to. A very earnest believer who thinks that we're living in the end times. I disagree with that conclusion and think we have a whole lot of history in store for us. This is, in my judgement, quite likely a pivital point of hopefully positive change in our time. The status quo has certainly been rattled substantially and the climate for lasting change is certainly here. However, despite all the bad things afoot in the world today, I just can't subscribe to the idea that it's the beginning of the ultimate end. That belief has given him and others like him the freedom to jump off of life's normal rails and I feel that he will ultimately help a great many people when he gets his ministry going. He's clearly had some fascinating experiences. On my way home after that dinner, I met another potential friend. Shaun is a film maker among other pursuits. A very engaging artistic guy. He seems quite interested in knowing me better and in my writing. He also lives quite close so it's actually possible to get there. It's a complex I pass by on the route to Symposium. That would be a novelty. A friend I could literally go to. If nothing else, these encounters have shaken off a good deal of that utterly isolated feeling from my own generation that I've had for most of the Summer. There actually are some people out there with a little time on their hands for friendship rather than just charity. It's given me back a good measure of optimism.

I can't remember whether it's this weekend that we move the clocks back an hour. Have to check CBC about that I suppose. Both of my computers ought to do that automatically but my watch is another story. Not much is happening next week. I have a doctor's appointment. Haven't had a physical in quite a long time. Doubtless, I'll get a talking to about my weight. I don't think I'll ever be all that keen or motivated to exercise unless the whole nature of my life changes. I need more to do in life; more places to go and people to interact with. As things are now, being in much better shape than I am just seems pointless. There's no real need for more strength or endurance when you spend most of your days in one place. Perhaps, the training I'm going to have in November regarding diversity will lead to something more.


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