Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keep This Warm Weather Coming!

Hello everyone. Today has been another beautiful one. I didn't even need a jacket and am in short sleeves. Church was an interesting look at the different types of prayer and how we ought to grow into all of them like jacks of all trades. I tend to be a pretty thankful person for the most part. If anything, I suppose I'm a little less ready to be a boat-rocker than others. I tend to look for the peaceable compromise although injustice has at times gotten me roused up.

After the service, I decided to head over to Symposium Cafe for lunch. Determined to try something different this time, I tried the steak rap. It was absolutely delicious. The rap itself isn't overly filling but it comes with a generous helping of fries. Taste-wise, you're dealing with steak, red pepper, Jack Daniels bbq sauce, onions, and probably a couple of other odds and ends. Absolutely capital. It doesn't drip all over the place. You can pick it up and not curse yourself for a damned fool as your shirt and slacks get drenched. The strawberry and pineapple fruite freezie went down as well as they all do. I don't believe I'll bother with supper this evening. A fine beer like one my brother got me for my recent birthday, is a very tempting idea indeed. Sundays seem to be far more lively at Symposium than saturdays. There were a lot of people there. As usual, nobody said anything I felt compelled to take note of on my netbook. Now that I have one handy, that kind of luck doesn't seem to befall me like it used to. Doesn't that just figure? But I find it impossible to give a damn. The walk was nice and the atmosphere at Symposium was up to its usual conjenial standards. The only thing which would have improved things at all would be either a good friend or new date sitting at the table with me.

There's still that age-old problem of sitting in a crowd alone. I don't find it as painful a prospect as I once did. However, eating such good meals without good conversation seems such a waste. There just doesn't seem to be any quick way to wip up a social life of any sort. I feel like some sort of bent dart which can't seem to stick anywhere on a dart board. Both the new friends I found earlier seem to be quite busy. I still haven't been able to get hold of Ron or Steeve either. On the other hand, a woman over in Denmark seems to have taken an interest in my profile. Surprisingly, she actually has a description in her profile which she herself wrote. It tells me next to nothing about her, but it's damned refreshing when you read so many automatically generated ones. I still have a rather hard time with the idea of falling in love with anybody who's too far away to actually spend time with on a regular basis. It would just seem so absurd after what happened with Janene. The chat line I found yesterday doesn't seem to work all that consistantly with Skype. The sound quality is fine but the tones you hear that simulate a touchtone phone don't seem to be picked up correctly. They work fine with my telephone banking but not with this. Yet another vexing mystery.

I've at last gotten round to updating my netbook. The Jaws11 demo comes with a free and quite useful program for reading Daisy books. I have a copy of the NIV bible which I heard about on the Blind Planet feed agrigater a while ago. It takes up a few gigs and takes a while to load up. however, it's quite quick and easy navigating and reading after that if you use the FS Reader which you get along with the Jaws11 demo. You keep the reader even if you uninstall Jaws11 as I have. I won't be able to upgrade for the foreseeable future so there's no point doing much with the demo. I've also got the release candidate for NVDA to tinker around with.

Looking ahead, I suppose I should get a haircut at some point this week. There's also getting back to work on Enchantment's Twilight. Added to the mix, however, is this year's Christmas shopping. I have no ideas lined up for Ava and Amia yet. A visit to the online Discovery store is definitely in order. I've found it to be quite accessible and speech-friendly. Futureshop and Bestbuy are also quite good that way. I always enjoy looking around at everything at my own pace for that nifty idea which nobody has any chance of guessing. For the rest of the evening, there's TV, Skype, and quite a pile of podcasts I've gotten somewhat behind with. There's also this wonderful beer I've just popped down to the cold cellar and retrieved. On that fizzy note, I think I'll sign off and partake.

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