Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Place Like Home

Hello everyone. I've had quite an interesting time over the past few days. On Sunday, I had church in the morning. That was immediately followed by a surprise party in the afternoon for a lady I've started to know there. The party was quite a success and I had a good chance to talk to a number of people. The connections are definitely starting to be made. During the evening, I went to O Noir with my long-time neighbour Danni and her friend Jacqui. It was splendid to be out with two ladies around my age. Steve Murgaski was there also so I got to chat a little with him. His shift had ended so I couldn't boss him around in good conscience. Still, it was a fun time for everyone. Monday was a much appreciated quiet day with nothing happening in it at all. I had more of a chance to settle in and finish unpacking stuff.

Yesterday, I went out with mom and one of her friends to look for some furniture. The Brick had precisely the properly sized things I needed at very reasonable prices. I bought a futon which also serves as a couch, two end tables and a coffee table which is moveable and small enough that it doesn't take up the whole space between where the futon will go and where my desk is. My parents also bought me a couple of tub chairs which will fit neatly at the ends of the futon on the other side of each end table. That ought to sit five or six guests comfortably when the occasion calls for it. There's still a permanent dining room table and chairs to get as well as possibly a couple of bookcase-like cabinets. As much as possible, I plan to avoid having glass shelving around. Wood has no chance of shattering into deadly shards and it's not like I'll ever want lots of knickknacks around on display.

Last night, I went to a new men's group started by people in my church. They're going through the Truth Project videos which seem like they'll be pretty interesting. At times, I think I'll find that they come on too strongly against the non-believing world and philosophy. However, when dealing with such material, that's pretty much to be expected. Ravvi Zacharias is one of the speakers in the series and he's always stimulating to listen to. Apparently, it's a twelve-week series. That certainly affords lots of time to get to know the participants as well. It's good to have a regular outing like that.

Today, my first order from Grocery Gateway came. I also got my first piece of junkmail from my new mailbox in the lobby. It's nice to feel more confident that I have what I need for myself and for any guests I may have. The first of them is coming over for dinner tonight. His name is Sandy and he's been here for around a year. Unlike me, he went blind well into his life and had to adjust to a whole different reality when he found he could no longer work. I met a worker who comes in regularly to help him. He has no friends or family around to help him cope. Add to that a somewhat different and tighter money situation plus a strangely unresponsive CNIB and you have a blind man who faces a completely different reality than I do. I spent the morning in his place getting to know him. Fairly quickly, I seem to be gaining proficiency with reading raised print numbers. I know what a seven, four, one, two, zero, and three feel like now. Thankfully, the layout of the floors seem to be identical so I had no problem finding his apartment. It'll be good to have someone to talk to who I can actually help. He has a computer but never learned how to use it or went on the Internet. I don't think he can afford the Internet right now but I can certainly let him come up and use my net access. First though, he'll have to learn to type. I believe I can help him with that and find things his computer can do for him without being connected. One experience which both of us have sadly shared is a high degree of being left socially isolated by others. He's experiencing something far more acute than I have in that regard. I hope to have him come to my church where I think he might find some comfort, help, and friendly voices. Also, when circumstance permits, I can introduce him to the friends I've found over the years.

Well, readers, that's pretty much it for the moment. It's so damned good to have my own space. Even better to have my first guest and new friend here this evening. Life has certainly improved markedly for me over the past while. Hopefully, I'll be able to share this good fortune with Sandy and others. I'll have to find out whether he spells his name like that or if there's an i at the end of it.

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Heather said...

I think that's fantastic, Mike - what a wonderful lift to your voice, too. I think this will translate into inspiration for your writing. Don't forget...we're gonna team up for a writing project some day!