Monday, June 14, 2010

Seated Before Metal and Glass

Hello everyone. It has certainly been another interesting week. When last we met in Frankenstone, I was heading off to a birthday party. That was quite an interesting occasion. The food and company were both excellent. I've also taken a nice elderly lady named Geneva out for a trip to Symposium Cafe. Come to think of it, I've been there about three times this week not counting walking there with my mobility instructor. That first lesson went quite well. She thinks I've pretty much mastered the route and I only ended up adding one additional landmark to my Trekker Breeze.

Sadly, while my life is going quite well, Sandy has had a few unfortunate occurrences happen to him. These culminated in his apartment being robbed a couple of weeks ago. He lost quite a bit and it has absolutely shaken him. Whoever would rob an impoverished helpless older blind man like Sandy frankly deserves to burn alive. I'd certainly put my cane to some rather unorthodox use if I encountered whoever was responsible. Whenever I manage to get any joy at all into his life, something always seems to happen to counteract my efforts. At times, I feel like I've stepped into the book of Job. Thank God for people like John Morgan. He came over to lend a hand and we've at least managed to get him out of the utter depth of despair he was in. His whole collection of CDs, clothes, and even his blank tapes were stolen. I got him some more tapes today and he was able to record his first sets of instructions on how to do things with his computer, or "lessons" as he calls them. We'll finally start to get a sense of how effective a teacher I am soon. I have no idea why he seems to catch all the rotten luck like this. It really does make me wonder if there's such a thing as being cursed. Still, I'm far from ready to give up on him. He'll have at least a couple of friends who'll stand with him through all this crap.

This is the first of doubtless many blog entries written on my balcony table which I picked up and helped assemble today. It's a perfect fit leaving plenty of room on the balcony. Dad and I picked it up this morning. I spent quite a lot of the afternoon out on it. Slowly,it's beginning to chill this evening but I'm still comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt out here. You can hear birds thankfully in the distance, cars, and occasionally, some people. Hopefully, I'm not intruding on anyone else's peace. All my gear is working perfectly out here including the Internet connection.

Things have calmed down a little and should remain so for the week. I have a couple of outings including the last cession of the Truth Project group I've been participating in tomorrow evening. I also have my second mobility lesson on Friday. We'll be concentrating on getting around the mall this time. My profession of faith is this Sunday. I feel like I'm finally achieving some sort of equilibrium. I hope it lasts. In case of another blackout, I picked up one of those crank radios. It was on sale and I've been meaning to get one for a while. This way, I'll have something portable to listen to in an emergency which doesn't require me to wear headphones or need batteries.

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