Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Busy Tuesday

Hello everyone. Today is certainly off to a good start. Moshi performed beautifully waking me up at seven as I instructed the little gadget to do. She was a little less keen to silence the alarm. Selective hearing trouble perhaps? I'll have to get her some AAA batteries. I've already had a small power failure here long enough to force me to reset Moshi's sense of time.

Today is a nicely busier one. I've got a mobility lesson with Harpal this morning in less than half an hour. Getting over to the bank is slowly coming together. Later in the evening, I have a meeting with the men's group from church. I expect we'll be discussing the next thing to be looked into. Apparently, it's going to rain this afternoon but things should be fine for this morning's lesson. I've got a little tidying up to do around here. Haven't vacuumed in a while.

Every so often, a song emerges that just totally hits the spot of where one is in life. This Summer, that song is on Amy Grant's new album. It's called over night and deals with how hard it can be to wait for what one hopes for. Somehow, unlike when you hear it from parents or friends, the message that all will be well in time and be all the more meaningful because you had to wait singks in powerfully. That seems pretty counterintuitive particularly given my normal stance of avoiding most overtly Christian music. Amy grant seems to have a real nack for not bible-thumping you. One can imagine hearing many of her hits on an ordinary radio station without suspention of disbelief. Hats off to her for winning space for some mp3s on my hard drive.

Another aspect of that Malcolm Gladwell book which deserves mention is the part where it goes into just how detailed and varied facial expressions are and how much we voluntarally and unwittingly give away with our faces. Any idiot who still believes that "blindness is just a nuisance" after reading that had better think again. I learned more from that book than from all the drama classes I took in hopes of getting a sense of that sort of thing combined. I miss out on a whole ton of information about people around me. Perhaps more disturbingly, what might my face be telling them which is outright wrong or unintended? Well folks, I'd best be off.

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