Friday, September 3, 2010

Viral Vexations and Ruminations

Hello everyone. It's a somewhat dreary friday afternoon. I'm not quite better yet but am now clearly heading that way. I haven't coughed nearly as often today as I have over the past while. It doubtless helps that I haven't actually said more than perhaps two thousant words this week even counting commands to my voice-controlled talking alarm clock. My nose is unblocked and not running all the time. My head is still not back to normal but there's less pressure inside. My hearing isn't back to normal yet but things are sounding less muffled and distant. I wouldn't want to venture out onto the sidewalk or cross a street, but indoor navigation is alright again. For the first time this week, I believe I'll be able to stay up all day today. There's still a kind of lethargy hanging over me. I'm glad I can just stay here and relax.

I started the morning listening to the last summer edition of the Current on CBC Radio1. Apparently, Marc Garno is going to be commanding the international space station in late 2012. That'll certainly be a nifty six months to follow. He sounds so deserving of that responsibility and eager for it as well. Of course, the world might end pretty early on in his tour of duty if there's anything to that Mayan calendar. Wouldn't that royally suck? Personally, I think 2012 is going to come and go like any other year. However, if enough misguided souls take all the 2012 crap to heart, I should probably check into Ebay during that span of otherwise doubtless dull days two years hence.

TV turned up aces this morning. I caught two episodes of Urban Legens on History Channel followed by an episode of Mythbusters on Discovery. Not too shabby at all. A couple of nights ago, I actually managed to stay up and caught a new show on History Channel called Weird or What. William Shatner is the host and it's actually something I believe I'll try and catch regularly. It's been quite a while since TV has come up with anything to make me try to do that. Perhaps, this bodes well for this Fall tv lineup. I just wish I could find someone out there who was close enough to visit and liked the same sorts of shows. Preferably, of course, a female around my age who wasn't otherwise hitched. I really miss having a girlfriend. There's just no getting rid of that sense of incompleteness to life as a single guy.

Even with no background music or anything, I barely heard that knock at my door. The upper hand and forearm technique taught to me in grade school served me well on my rush to answer. Could have easily bashed my nose or given my cranium a good thump. Even indoors, it looks like more sonic recalibration is in order as whatever this virus is startes to withdraw from me. It seems the postman couldn't find my entry in the outer lobby buzz directory so he simply came up. It's good to know that's at least a possibility for them to come up to the actual door in such a circumstance. My new custom-built cane from Ambutech has arrived. Wasn't quite certain which of two length choices would be right but I'm very happy with the 135-cm length that I went with. I'm also happy to have chosen five sections rather than four as this new cane fits my holster far more neatly than what I've been using. The grip and joints are identical to the older Ambutech cane I got as a spare and have been thankful for this week despite it sticking out of said holster. It'll take a bit to become fully acustomed to the roller tip I thought might work well. However, it should handle touch-and-drag situations far better than my older cane did. There's certainly something to be said for ordering one's own cane to specifications. If it lasts as long as my previous grafite cane has, I'll absolutely get my $62 worth. Presuming the cane renewal kit lets me fix the cord in my old cane, I won't have to think about buying any for God knows how many years.

It's so damned good to be able to sit at this desk again and not start to nod off within a few minutes of starting to do something. I begin to feel hopeful that I'll actually enjoy this last long weekend of summer whether there's rain or not. If I'm supremely lucky, tonight's rest will complete the getting better process and I'll enjoy a supercharged saturday. That's probably too much to seriously hope for, but I'm confident that I'll feel better than I do today. With the prospect of enjoying my first big dinner in a while this evening, that'll definitely do for the present. I'm cooking up a couple of beef grilling medallions, some potatoes in the oven, and some zucchini with garlic and olive oil on the grill. For the past few days, I simply haven't had the energy or apetite to eat all that much. Gone through a number of soup cans over the last while. Fortunately, Grocery Gateway has sent a ten-dollar-off coupon which I can use to restock items next week. Being sick certainly alters one's eating patterns.

That pretty much brings us up to date. A couple of BBC Radio offerings worth mentionning were a show about a school in England built to try to bring the Asian and white communities closer together. That was an interesting show. Another was about the scientists who advised or consulted with film or TV and how the worlds of science and art interacted. That was easily the listening highlight of the week. As usual, I'm pretty much garanteed to be the only guy who heard it within half a fucking continent. Is there nobody out there? Has my quest to find my in-crowd or at least one special lady on the same wavelength as me been utterly hopeless from the start? Intellectually, I seriously begin to wonder. Emotionally, I know that I simply can't aford to give up hope. If I do, I pretty much garantee a negative outcome. It's that simple.

This past week has set things in quite a solitary light. Doubtless, next week will see me out there more presuming I'm truly putting this bug behind me. I'm quite optimistic that all this rest and sleep plus pills has turned the trick. It's around a quarter past five. Presuming those medallions are thawed as I expect, it's time to start working on some taters and zucchini.


Heather said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, Michael...that's no fun at all! But it does sound like you had a nice holiday, and I'm glad for that.

Heather said...

Feeling better now, I hope?