Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Splendid Beginning

Hello everyone. It's just past five AM as I write this short entry. Sara and I have had a terrific first day together. We've both decided to really give this relationship a try. She seems to very much enjoy my company and, to my great releaf, my cooking. We had the best steak dinner I've made in quite some time last evening. It obviously went down well. No leftovers but a handful of potato pieces. She also loves audio dramas and we spent considerable time listenning to one of my more recent acquisitions. Namely, Inspector McLevy. It's so damned good to have her to share my appreciation for these dramas with. No lapse of attention due to there being no graphics. She's got a good focus. I really hoped I'd find someone who could appreciate the things I tended to listen to and she really fills that hope in spades. She's very knowledgeable about all sorts of things and I have no doubt that my game and other projects will greatly bennefit from that. However, just now, I'm rather basking in the elation of finding someone who's so accomplished and intelligent finding me worth exploring love's possibilities with.

Of course, we spent the majority of time simply sitting on the couch talking. To actually have someone here makes so much difference for me. Both of us feel we have a real shot at something splendid together. She likes the apartment and area. I hope her guide dog Rocky has found me an acceptable host. He definitely likes being patted. It was just a bit of a different experience having a dog in the place. I'm afraid I've accidentaly lightly stepped on a paw while he lay splayed out on the floor. I'm getting better at treading softly and listenning carefully for the good old fellow but it's a work in progress. He was so very attentive to Sara. Most times I felt him, Rocky was looking towards her. He found a few mysterious crunchy items on the floor that my vacuuming efforts had obviously missed. On the good side, he never tried to eat any of our dinners. Having an animal around does seem to make me feel ultra-conscious of anything on the floor. Sara, of course, had no expectations that my place would be spic and span or anything like that.

Today, we'll be going to Symposium Cafe for brunch and be meeting my good friends Mark and Wendy. There's a slight possibility Carine and Kevin may join us too. There's so much to look forward to. Introducing her to all my friends will be a real pleasure. Both of us read quite a lot so there are plenty of book discussions to be had. It feels like a very large gate that has blocked life's advancement has been openned for me at last. I couldn't have asked for a more favourable first visit here. Things have gone quite well indeed. Both of us are taking it slow and careful but we do seem to have a good chemistry.