Friday, July 31, 2009

fractured friday

Hello everyone. It's just around three thirty this friday afternoon. My mom and I are finally back from a trip to the doctor's office. I haven't seen Dr. Slinger in around two years. I needed her to fill out a form for affordable housing. The folks there seem to need proof that I'm capable of living on my own and have a permanent disability. We waited something like an hour and a half for basically five minutes of her time. That must be excrutiating for people with full work days, kids, etc. For me, it was just a large chunk of down time in an unimportant day. The week has been a pretty slow one. We've had quite a lot of rain. I've hardly gotten out at all. Meeting Nadia was certainly a nice bright spot on tuesday. We have a good chat and enjoyed lunch in the food court of the mall. There were times when the noise was a factor but I think we managed quite well. Nadia is hard of hearing but can read lips. That must have taken ages to learn how to do effectively.

Yesterday, I listened to Grand Terino. It was quite a thought-provoking film. Clint did a good job as did the other actors. Culture can clash in so many different ways. I liked how Clint's character chose to give his life in order to help people who he initially had no use for. I just hope the lessons sink in to more people. So much of our potential is wasted on needless conflict and posturing. This morning, I heard the space shuttle land safely after quite a busy mission. We can do so much if we take advantage of each other's strengths and share.

Work on the game is proceeding but is going more slowly. I need more input to keep my creative engine going and just haven't gotten it lately. It's such a massive undertaking. Perhaps, this weekend will give that a much-needed boost. I wish I could just ditch my mounting frustration with how things are in general. It doesn't entirely fit the situation. I used to be better at being patient with what I couldn't change. Now, it seems to come and go. There are days when I'm absolutely fine with it and others where that oppressive drained feeling takes over.

Thankfully, this weekend promises to be excellent socially. It starts tonight as I'm going to have another guy's night out with Adam. I got a very good sleep last night so I should be able to engage fully with whatever game we end up checking out. Mark and Wendy also want to get together with me either tomorrow or sunday. As usual, there's church also. It's damned nice to have things lined up rather than just have the weekend blend so thoroughly in with the rest of the week. The rain ought to let up also.

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