Friday, July 24, 2009

these early hours

Hello everyone. It seems my victory over insomnia might well have been prematurely declared. As I begin writing this entry, the majestic swell of John Debney's new age piece Resurrection enthrals my headphone-covered ears at around three thirty AM. I couldn't sleep now if my very life depended on it. I was dead tired at around ten thirty and suppose I slept pretty solidly from around a quarter to eleven right through until near two thirty. I lay there hoping to drift back into sleep only to find I was propelled in the opposite damned direction for no good reason. Grump! Snap! Snarl! Roar! There. Got that out of my system. I feel ever so much better now.

I suppose the first thing to do is to update everyone on the few things which have actually happened over the past couple of days. The mobility lesson went pretty well Wednesday. I got a good recording of the route back from Symposium on my digital recorder. Whether our attempt to get it properly into the Trekker Breeze was successful remains to be seen. There was a part relatively near to home where the GPS seemed to lose me for a bit. I hope it hasn't recorded that erratic stuff as part of the route. Thank goodness it's during a stretch which is relatively simple where I don't really need its guidance so much. Still, it would be better to have both ways recorded properly before I'm done with these lessons. My memory of the route might not hold up so well over the Winter when I expect it'll be too dangerous for me to walk it. I shudder to think of crossing Battleford under even rainy weather let alone snow and everything. It's one of those six-lane monster crossings. It's somewhat like Trafalgar in Oakville but doesn't impart quite the same sense of being inches away from death as one crosses. It's just too damned wide. I'm getting more used to it in good weather but wouldn't ever feel comfortable crossing something like that in rain or snow. I was going to go out and test that earlier part of the return route which I worry hasn't been correctly recorded by the Trekker Breeze but the weather is against me. It rained quite a bit yesterday and is supposed to do likewise today. The air has a stuffy humid quality which seems to be effecting me more than it has in the past. I hope I can see some friends this weekend. I haven't seen anyone other than my instructor outside of family all week. I dearly need a more active social life. Online chats and the forums on Plenty of Fish have actually been quite interesting this week but it all begins to seem very empty. Is there nothing more out there for me? There must be! God must have something more in mind. I just have to try to be patient and positive despite feeling simultaneously like time is dragging along at a snail's pace and my youth is slipping away without its full potential being tapped. As usual, I've been provided with just enough interesting material to keep chugging along.

I've heard back from a woman who i contacted regarding a transportation service which sounded promising. It still ultimately may turn into something I can use but isn't at all set up for that right away. They're focusing on getting people to and from all-day programs for various cognitive and physical disabilities. However, she was apparently impressed enough with my email to want to share it with other people. Maybe, some good will ultimately come of it. I can only hope my online efforts eventually open up more of the offline world to me. It's becoming more and more tempting to forego shaving and such these days. Other than my general dislike of feeling too scruffy, there seems damned little point when you never interact with people and nothing changes. If somebody comes up with a treatment which forever obviates the need for shaving other than something extreme like death, I'm all for it. My only reservation would be any side effects caused by not manufacturing all that facial hair. Where would all that extra protein end up?

Yesterday, I thought I'd look at:
I heard what I believe to be an abridged version of a book on Sherlock Holmes. This included the thoughts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Interesting in and of itself, I was moved to look in the CNIB digital library for more on Doyle and Holmes. Two items caught my immediate attention. One was a book on the science behind Sherlock Holmes's mysteries. I'm saving that one for an occasion when I'm in desperate need of something new and captivating to dig me out of a theoretically blue funk. Such an occasion may not be all that far off if the rain and lack of social life continue. Additionally, I found "The Complete Sherlock Holmes" available in mp3s and actually read by a very good narrator. There were something like a hundred files to snarf down but I did it immediately and backed up both excellent finds. I've read A Study In Scarlet as well as the preface which was quite well done indeed. It's good to have the complete stories as well as the audio dramas. I should have looked for The Complete Sherlock Holmes ages ago.

It's around a quarter after five now. I've been anything but brimming with industrious energy these past couple of hours. However, I've attained that state of consciousness where it might be possible to get something done. My body is telling me in no uncertain terms: "be grateful for the modicum of sleep thou hast enjoyed and count thyself fortunate!" As always, I'll attempt to do just that and make the best of another very long day.

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