Sunday, August 30, 2009

on the right track

Hello everyone. I got a very good sleep last night. It's sunday afternoon. Church was very interesting. The guest speaker had a brilliant way of bringing the bible into the modern age and illustrated how we're all called upon to bring some of God's kingdom to earth. It might not always seem like it but even our troubles can be a part of that. I also met up with Pastor Sam who wants to have breakfast with me at Symposium one day soon. That'll be an interesting morning for certain. Joseph has certainly proved an interesting companion in church. He usually gives me a lift to and from. Today, he got me to feel a shoebox stuffed full of flashcards. There were over seven thousand of them and they were all five-letter words. The box was nearly full and had quite the heft to it. Thinking about all those myriad cards spread out, each with its own five-letter word was just mind-boggling.

Last night, I visited Mark and Wendy. We tried out the game of Talisman which I have on my netbook. It's a lot more fun with three or more players. The dynamics just work well. We must have played for a few hours and they'd be up for a full game of it one of these days despite Wendy eventually having been turned into a toad. It's a fantasy game which doesn't take itself too seriously and works well for groups. Dinner was excellent as always.

This afternoon, Ava, Amia, and Allison are coming over for a visit. It sounds like everyone is doing well. In fact, I believe I hear voices downstairs now. Think I'll pop off and see who's here. Later, folks.

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