Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing Clue at the End of the World

Hello everyone. It's yet another long and uneventful sunday afternoon. Despite this, I'm in a pretty good mood at present. Church was thought-provoking and cheerful this week. I got to know a couple of people a little better and they me. Also, the sermon was thought-provoking. The pastor found a nifty way of talking about soul ties and how having improper relationships can diminish people to the point where they can no longer form a truly lasting relationship with anybody. He used duck-tape to illustrate the point. Somehow, I doubt that even he could convince my friend Adam of that rather painful truth. It's always been rather self-evident to me. We can indeed lose parts of ourselves in this way even if we're as careful and thoughtful as possible. Thankfully, I believe I've recovered as much as is humanly possible from losing Janene. I know I'm more fortunate than many people in that regard.

Earlier in the week, I was looking through Revelations in the bible thinking about the end of the world. It fit my mood of frustrated loneliness. Thinking about the misery of others does have that effect of lessening how keenly you feel your own. However, you know my mind and know that it never stays in a "normal" direction with this stuff for very long. I found myself harking back to my days as an Anglican. The old minister's voice came right back to me talking about how the day of judgement would come upon us like a trap when we least expected. I always pictured a poor happless kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Time would simply be up and we'd all have to read 'em and weep. For good reason, the focus is always on those unconfessed or unforgiven sins. We're exhorted to keep the decks clear of these as it were. However, presuming things end suddenly as many denominations including mine believe will happen, God will be looking upon and clearing away quite the fascinating tableau of unfinished stuff.

Think about it: There'll be unfinished buildings being constructed. Potholes will remain forever unfilled. Novels will be left forever unfinnished. Some poor bastard will be three or four twists away from at last solving that old Rubic's Cube. Folks will never find out how The Usual Suspects ends. You know there'll be at least one delicious bacon and eggs breakfast on the verge of being tucked into. Some other poor soul will have nearly finished a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle and be searching for that one missing piece. It'll remain forever lost under some table or couch cushion. People will be caught right in the middle of dressing or, as my luck would have it, shaving. There'll be one ragged strip of unshaven fuzz on the left side of the bottom of my chin and god will gleefully shout: "Time's up!" That would be forgiveable. However, if he blows the whistle just as I'm about to take my first bite of that new Darry Queen blizard I haven't had the opportunity to try all summer, I'll be a tad cross with him. How about that group of six friends holed up in a parlour playing out the last unresolved game of Clue? Will God take pitty on them and tell them: "It was Colonel Mustard in the drawing room with the pipe!" before sending them off to their final fate? I sincerely hope so. Anyhow, there's another deranged thought from the mind of Mike for you. Enjoy your Sunday. God bless all of you.

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