Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spices and Ice! Nice!!!

Hello everyone. The last week has certainly been a good one. No word from the Brick yet on that furnature I've ordered. I suppose it may still come tomorrow. Last sunday was one of our church's soup sundays. I met up with Shane, Sue and Angel and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Shane drove me home and also came for a short visit. He tried a few of the audio games. We also dropped in on Sandy so Shane could help him with an answerring machine. That proved relatively easy. Sandy's feeling a bit under the weather today. That happens fairly often apparently. Hope he gets better soon so I can have him up for another chicken dinner. I tried one of the frozen curri dinners in the oven last night and it came out splendidly indeed. Had enough to do me for this evening but it'll have to wait til tomorrow. Adam and I are going out for dinner and a gaming cession.

For some reason, I was quite tired through most of yesterday. Today, I'm feeling back to normal again. I went home for dinner at my parents' house and got to see Dan and his family also. Ava and Amia are up to their usual chaotic standards. Elliot, their dog, is no slouch in that department either. Mom has apparently begun going through the closets and was probably hoping Dan would take some of his assorted stuff back home with him. Not much of that left the house. She figures that perhaps she'll try again when she turns 70.

My father came to visit me today. We went out to Symposium for a late delicious lunch. While on the way down in the elevator, my cell phone somehow dialed 911 on me. I had the keypad locked so I have no idea how that would have happened. Something to check into over the next while. That certainly added a tinge of creepiness following my listening to the described version of My Little Eye. That film has quite a bit more bite to it when the details I missed without said description were filled in. Dad helped me fill out a survey that the managers of my building wanted. Hope it helps. They've done a terrific job so far as far as I'm concerned. My first rent payment went through without a hitch. Dad also brought a spice rack and those covered ice cube trays. Yay! The first batch of cubes is now safely freezing solid in the door of my freezer. It'll be so damned nice to have ice at hand. The spices are all labelled with bar codes for my scanner. That'll help until I've gotten an intuitive sense of what's where. Next week, I'll be helping dad pick out a new computer for himself. That shouldn't be too hard. He doesn't have any specialised requirements or anything. Just a good system which does what he wants it to and has enough resources should he take a keener interest down the line.

At long last, I can officially say that work on Enchantment's Twilight is proceeding. I've begun to touch up areas of the design document and am considering a completely different skills system for characters. Not exactly earth-shaking stuff but it still counts. My profile on Plentyoffish has also gotten more or less settled in a manner I'm fairly happy with. I flurted with the idea of going for strictly platonic friendship but I believe I'll find that sort of thing through church and around the building. Love is what POF is all about and I can't entirely give up hope that some special soul out there might take an interest in me. There must be someone who would truly value what I can give to a relationship. I can't quite believe that money is all that matters despite all I've been through. I'm just incapable of that level of cynicism. I do, however, feel that I'm in for a long wait. Having my own place certainly puts me a big step ahead in that all-important game.

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Heather said...

If the keypad was locked, your pocket may have mashed the buttons to make an emergency call. My own pocket decided that a bus ride was cause for a 911 call...I was mortified!