Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been shot!

Hello everyone. I bet that entry title got your attention. Fear not, Reader. I've just gotten back from a dentist appointment and getting my flu shot for this year. It was one of the most painless needles I believe I've ever had. Dentist appointments are never all that comfortable with all that scraping and poking at one's mouth going on. However, My dental higenist and dentist are quite nice and engaging people. I'm not usually bored while it's all going on. Besides, I'm now safe until April. yay!

Things have been going very well these days. Lately, I've been once again contacting people and organisations regarding my computer guide. I just hope I haven't accidentally contacted anybody more than once about it. I don't believe I have. It looks like I'm going to be on Tuesday Topics next week on ACB Radio. That will probably result in even more email activity. I very much appreciate receiving emails particularly from people who have found my guide to be helpful. When you're working on as large projects as I am, you've got to guard against Ivory Tower sindrome. My social life has certainly been given a very nice boost ever since Janene and I found each other. It's not such a severe danger as it once was. Still, I've got to keep my guard up against it. Particularly with the accessible game, it would do major damage were I to let that isolated stuffiness creap back in. I'm actually hopeful of finding something to counterbalance all that creative writing with. A couple of the organisations I contacted this week about the guide may yield completely different benefits. I ought to know in a few days or so.

It's damned good to be fully healthy and back in territory like this again. With the holidays getting closer and my Christmas shopping basically done, there's that terrific sense of new possibilities in the air. Thanks to a very generous man, I'm also soon going to be in posession of a Trekker Breeze. Just a couple of weeks ago, I never dreamed I'd even have a chance to look at any of these GPS devices let alone own one. I don't have any illusions that it will completely solve my mobility troubles. However, it'll increase my confidence so that I can explore a little without worrying so much about getting lost. This Spring may turn out to be somewhat more active for me than prior ones.

Janene and I are doing well. We'll be going over to see two new friends this Sunday. Hopefully, Ron will also be able to join us. He's been going through some pretty painful stuff lately. He and Sylve have officially separated. Ron's going to remain a good friend of mine for life but I don't think I'll ever hear another peep from Sylve again. She's gotten so volatile that it's probably just as well.

It looks like the release candidate for Topspeed 2.1 is getting more popular these days. Perhaps, I'll be able to join in a few races if somebody sets up a server at a good time for me. I'm not the expert I once was at the game. When you turn, the car slows down so you lose more speed for a sharper turn. I'm still getting used to not whipping around those corners at full speed. It adds a lot more strategy to things.

Later tonight, there's a nifty documentary on CBC called Web Warriors. It's all about the battle between spammers and hackers and those who try to protect us from them. I've been looking forward to this all week. It starts at 9 o'clock.

Well folks, I guess that pretty much gets everyone up to date. The next while could get pretty interesting with all this going on. Keep well, everyone.

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