Monday, March 9, 2009

illness and idleness

Hello everyone. The past month or so has been fairly uneventful other than a nasty cold or flu. It started out as a mildly annoying cough which I didn't take very seriously. However, it has since turned into quite a monster. Sadly, I gave it to Janene and pretty much wrecked her week's vacation. She seems to be getting over it now but it certainly took a while. For me, it stayed mild for longer and gradually transformed from a cough into a more orchestrated campaign to make me miserable. I've generally found myself fairly lethargic and unable to get very much done. My nose has been quite plugged over the past week and a bit to the point where I couldn't even taste what I was eating. My head has felt absolutely stuffed at times and my hearing has also been effected. Everything sounds more distant and fuzzy. The cough has also returned so that now I have the plugged nose and cough in tandom. You'd think whatever this bug is would have gotten bored with me and moved on by now. Mom has also gotten a cold. Thankfully, she still had a good vacation. Dad also thinks he has the flu and stayed home today. I guess it could be the varient the flu shot didn't protect against.

Not being able to muster a lot of creative energy, I've been doing a whole lot of listening lately. All sorts of shows, documentaries, podcasts and speaker reviews. I'm looking at purchasing a good set of 2.0 or 2.1 speakers if the sub-woofer is small enough. The only 2.1 system I'm considering at the moment is the Bose Companion 3. Dad took me out to Futureshop last Friday and I was at last able to feel the speakers I had been reading about. The Logitech Z2300 has a very large sub-woofer. That was disappointing as it had come out very well in the reviews. Currently, I'm thinking of either going with that or with the Creative Gigaworks T40. The TV highlight of the past while is definitely History Television's Urban Legends show. Having to figure out which of the stories is true has proved to be very entertaining indeed. Another show on Spike called 1000 Ways to Die appeals to my darker side and to the part of me which values the bizarre events of the world. Voiceprint has gotten some of my time as has the CBC and BBC.

Janene came over yesterday and we went to a place called Score's which my father originally told me about and took me to last Friday. The service and food were just as good the second time. I could only taste my food some of the time but it was certainly good. It'll be nice to go back when I'm fully healthy and can more thoroughly enjoy it. They do excellent chicken and the service was fabulous.

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