Thursday, June 18, 2009

care for a legacy

Hello everyone. It's pretty damned early once again. Slowly, I'm getting somewhat used to this. Later this evening, I'll be attending church with other conference participants for a consultation about our experiences. Other than that, I expect today to be fairly uneventful. I hope we hear back from Audyssey Laboratories in California at some point soon. It seems that while I was otherwise occupied, they, the owners of
objected to Raul's having the
domain name registered on our behalf. He's done a whole lot of good for the community surrounding Audyssey Magazine over the years including providing this domain and hosting our considerable list trafic from it. He received a warning from this company which apparently sells audio equipment. I had never heard of them before and they've certainly never contacted me during the past thirteen years Audyssey magazine has existed. See the very first issue of the magazine for how I arrived at its name. Because I never thought of what I was doing as a money-making venture, I didn't give any thought to something like this happening. Who in the corporate world would care about a completely non-profit community of blind people helping each other to find fun?

Thankfully, everyone from the Audyssey side has responded in exemplary fashion to this. Raul came up with a good compromise which he has sent to the email address we were given. Ron initially felt a bit overwelmed but still essentially did the right thing and kept a cool head. He's written a letter to them, as have I, explaining what we're all about. I've been acting as a sounding board and advisor to him since Tuesday evening when I first found out about all this. Neither of us have any experience with corporate law. The only leadership we can lay claim to any expertise in is the use of authority vested in us by the community we serve. That's the only leadership the Audyssey Magazine community has ever really needed. I'm certainly happy to step up and give Ron some reassurance now and then. From time to time, I've stepped in and tried to help in discussions when things seemed to be heading down a dangerous path. However, other than that kind of occasional nudge, it's really their show now. It's my legacy but it's very much their ongoing story. Ron might not have the same gift with words but he's got a good heart and understands the spirit of what I've started well. Ultimately, that's what counts as far as I'm concerned.

Given the steps we've taken, I'm quite confident that things will all work out for the benefit of everyone. Over the next while, I'll keep a somewhat closer ear on the situation in case there's anything further I can do to help. We should all walk away from this crash of nomenclature on the information superhighway in one peace. Although I'm quite confident in this, I wouldn't be human if I didn't feel some unease. Particularly for Raul, I'd hate to see him suffer in any way after all the tremendous good he's done for us. We've all acted in good faith here. I have to believe that even in the realm of corporate affairs, that ought to count for something. I guess we'll all find out over the next while. I've done all I can to illuminate matters. The ball's in their court now.

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