Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally! A really good sleep!

Hello everyone. Yesterday was somewhat distracted. The window work interfered with what I had previously planned to do. The banging wasn't too terrible but when you throw in the smells and stuff all around the house, it seemed better to stay inside my room for the majority. I haven't heard the weather yet but I gather it's going to warm up over the weekend. At some point, I'll test out this low-cut filter idea for my digital recorder. Today and tomorrow, there's a Goalball tournament being broadcast. That'll certainly provide me some welcome interactive amusement over the weekend. DNTO on CBC Radio is doing an episode all about mistakes which ought to be interesting. Age of Persuasion usually doesn't disappoint either. Sunday, I'll be going to church in the morning and then to Ava's birthday party in the afternoon. That ought to be quite a good day.

My sleep was excellent last night. I feel quite good today. As a single person, I'll always have a sense of not living to my fullest potential. I could go so much farther, give, and get so much more with a partner in life. However, if I'm going to be single, the world will get the best person I'm capable of being given those condisions. I've been set on a different path than I would ever have entertained had I not encountered Janene. I have to believe God has something more in store for me and try to be as ready as possible for whatever presents itself.

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