Wednesday, May 6, 2009

waiting for delivery

Hello everyone. I'm writing this entry while waiting for my external dvd/cd drive to be delivered. I've frequently found it hard to hear our doorbell from upstairs in my room. Until now, this has meant a sort of cruel choice of either waiting down here and risking missing phone calls or staying upstairs and missing the doorbell. Not that I have a cell phone and netbook, I canoperate down here in the family room without fear of missing either even with music playing at a reasonable volume. It also helps that I could check on the location of the shipment via the Internet and see that it's actually in Mississauga to be delivered today. Verry nice indeed.

Last night, dad and I went to The Source to see about purchasing a microphone wind screen. Unfortunately, they didn't have any there. I later found a site online which had pictures of themn and we had some foam similar to what used to come on the end of microphones. Mom was able to cut some out and glue together something that would fit over the small microphone for my Olympus DS 61 recorder. There wasn't a whole lot of wind for me to test its functionality out. I tried it with my fan thinking that would make a good substitute for wind but id didn't really work out so well. The genuine article is a lot more chaotic and seems to blot out more sound. Still, I have at least a degree of confidence that this will work. It seemed to make some difference. My first lesson on walking to Symposia's is this afternoon. It could very well be windy today so we'll likely see if I've conquered the wind sonically in short order. I recorded Ava's party on Sunday when they brought out the cake. The recorder picked up quite a bit but the wind did a nasty number on it. I don't know that it's ultimately worth hanging on to due to this. It was a good party and both Ava and Amia seemed to have a good time. Amia seemed a bit scared of the new dog they've recently acquired. A very cute little puppy not any bigger than our pet cat Tiger used to be. That will apparently change faiirly quickly though.

It's been a fairly restful while. Not a lot else has happened lately. The next Star Trek film is coming out. I'll either see that with Adam or dad. I still have somewhat lower expectations for it. I just can't imagine different actors doing the parts well. On the other hand, Robert J. Sawyer seems to have quite liked it. He's a big Star Trek fan so unlike manny reviewers, his take on the film carries some weight with me and gives me hope. My second visit to the Meadowvale CRC church went as well as the first one. It's definitely a place with some real possibility for me above and beyond good services and the usual Sunday friends. Between that and Plenty of Fish, i feel like at least I have my doors open for people. Whether anybody knocks is another matter. I hope somebody does. I'll probably feel better about things once I really get started on this audio documentary idea of mine. Until I have an idea of the kind of source material I'll get, it's hard to figure out whether I should do a series of podcasts or a single longer form encapsulating the whole experience over the next months. I certainly don't expect to get useful material from each trip so putting out something on a weekly or even monthly basis doesn't seem particularly likely. I also don't like leaving the game on hold. It feels like it resents me for tossing it aside. I just don't have a choice about that though. I need to dig deepter wells of experience with other people from which to draw such an epic multi-branching story as I've imagined. No man is an island even if he is trying to write about an enchanted one. I may be able to work further on game mechanics over the next while. We'll see how absorbing work on the audio documentary turns out to be.

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