Monday, May 18, 2009

a morning movie

Wouldn't you know it? My parents wanted to go see it in the morning. It's just two thirty now. We arrived at home at around quarter after two. Of course, when one has been conscious since around four AM and up since just shy of five, going to see a film after eleven doesn't seem quite so off-kilter. Don't worry though. Beer for breakfast is still simply not on for me. There are some damned limits. Sitting back here with the rest of the day stretching ahead of me when I'd normally be just settling in with some popcorn is definitely striking me as passing strange. I've already done some work on Enchantment's Twilight, listened to several podcasts, and eaten two lite meals in addition to taking in the two hour film.

I'm sadly forced to concede that those who think I can be too optimistic have yet another example to remind me of. They've completely changed the direction and overall tone of the franchise on us. Overall, I was certainly entertained. My parents both very much enjoyed themselves. However, everything just came across so lacking in weight. It was far too close to becoming Star Wars. The whole time travel thing was definitely handled poorly and used to give the writers carte blanch to do pretty much what they liked. Ultimately, I'll definitely make a point to see any sequels. There's still enough substance for that. However, it could have been far better. The actors were quite good. They just needed better writing and, while we're at it, better sound work to back them up. There's so much excellent source material around they could have used but didn't. I believe I'll go on the digital library and grab a Star Trek book or two to consume just to counterbalance the lack of gravity this long-anticipated film simply didn't muster. It certainly would have been an overall better experience seeing the film with a few fans my age or with a special lady. However, I still managed to enjoy the trip out overall. Movies still very much belong in the early afternoon through late evening in my book though. Eating popcorn that early would just have been absurd and it does leave the rest of the day somewhat lacklustour.

Only one of the six or seven previews we were exposed to before the movie began struck me as remotely promising. Most of them were more of the cartoonish variety. Pandorum might just be worth-while though. I'm just not a G.I. Jo fan and lost interest in Transformers ages ago. What ever happened to original thinking? Is that just a lost art in Hollywood these days?

I'm beginning to feel tired as we cruise past three o'clock. The rest of the day is going to stretch out on me it seems. Tonight, I'm going to try the netbook and Serene sound software again. That damned rhythm in the white noise of the sound machine was what pulled me from sleep this morning again. I wish I had the art of drifting back asleep once awakened but I just don't seem to be built that way. I ought to do fine as long as I remember to shut down speech after starting up the sound software.

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