Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walk of Discovery

Hello everyone. I have at last concluded my mobility activities for the day. We headed out to walk the complete route to Symposia's at around quarter to twelve this morning. Going there or back is certainly well within my physical capability. Walking there and then fairly rapidly back right away was somewhat taxing to put it mildly. I got back at a little before two o'clock. It's now just after three and my legs at last feel somewhat close to normal again.

I don't know whether we'll do the whole route again next week or just start focussing on parts of it. Usually, the method of attack is to start small and build up a route step by step. I wondered whether it might help me absorb a route more quickly if I had first experienced walking it in its entirety. Guess I'll find out over the next while. I just hope the route actually recorded correctly. As far as I can tell without walking it again, it seems to have done so. It took another while to edit the landmarks I created while we went along. I had to delete a couple created by accident and re-record the names of others which weren't picked up properly by the microphone. I definitely prefer wearing the Trekker Breeze on my belt despite this minor extra chore.The next few lessons will be on Wednesdays starting at eleven thirty give or take a bit.

It feels good to have truly started this next project in life. There's not nearly the sense of purpose to it that I would have had if I still had Janene willing to marry me in a matter of months. Nonetheless, some of that aweful feeling of being cast completely adrift in life has left me. I can picture myself sitting there eating alone later this Summer. Going out is so much more enjoyable with one or more companions around your own age. I'll certainly enjoy the food. They've never let me down there in that department. I can go for brunches and leisurely dinners. The netbook ought to serve me well there. A new environment to observe the flow of life and write will also do me some good I think. Still, I've always keenly felt the pain of being in a crowded place but profoundly isolated and unknown to everyone there. I suppose I might occasionally hear a conversation I feel I can safely and politely join. That seemed to happen from time to time when Janene and I went there. The staff are also good about conversing with patrons so you don't feel like just another number to them. I guess they'll get to know me more when I start going fairly regularly. It'll also be good to have a place where I can go to should someone new actually find me worth serious consideration. It wouldn't be nearly as intimidating as having to meet my parents right on day one.

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