Thursday, May 28, 2009

slow draggy day

Hello everyone. It's a slow rainy Thursday afternoon. I just can't seem to shake my writer's block at all. I must have written a hundred faulse starts this week. Nothing is worth keeping at all. There isn't much doing on the forums of Plentyoffish or on Twitter today. Yes, folks. I've finally decided to join the Twitter band-wagon. I'm having a hard time ajusting to the short limits placed upon one's tweets. No big surprise seeing as I tend to write notes during lectures in full sentences. There's definitely a place for Twitter. Things which aren't worth a blog posting are nonetheless still worth expressing as I experience them. For example, I heard an excellent essay called Wall on BBC Radio 4 about the situation between Israel and the Palestinians. It was quite thought-provoking if somewhat grim. That's the kind of thing you can just jot off briefly into Twitter. Figured I'd be obtuse and put that one in my blog though just for kicks. Should you want to be in receipt of my tweets, my url is:

I found another site for facilitating dating and community building among disabled people. Looks like they have forums and other accessible facilities on offer. Perhaps, I might find new friends and/or someone special there. Worth a shot. I figure if I can contribute meaningfully to ongoing conversations while I'm awaiting my muse, I'm still doing some good at least.

The next few weekends ought to do a lot to lift this stale feeling from life. I expect to get my passport this coming week. Yesterday, I got an email saying that I was officially registered at this conference in Chicago. Apparently, it can get quite hot down there. I wouldn't have figured on that seeing as I've often read of it as "the windy city". The church has found someone to guide me while I'm down there. Presuming there are no last-minute snags, I'm definitely in for quite a different experience.

I've gotten a bit bored with Wikinomics. When it becomes available, I definitely want to grab his book Growing Up Digital. That ought to be more up my alley. Wikinomics definitely has some nuggets of interest within it. However, it's ultimately a business book. Still well-written and useful but just not the angle I'm after. On the bright side, I've found another free book discussing what makes a game good. It's called Well Played and I learned of it on:

Dan, Allison and the two little ones are coming over tomorrow for a visit. That'll certainly add much-needed spice to life. It's been a little while since I've seen them. Catching up with them is always fun. Well, that pretty much covers things today. I'm off to watch Star Trek TNG on Spacecast presuming it's an episode I'm not bored with. With TNG, the chances are quite good that it'll be one I still find enjoyable. It was such a well-crafted show for the most part.

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